About The Artist

Hey Beautiful!


My name is Sarah Reid.

Welcome to Svatula.

Sva in Sanskrit means one’s own, and tula means balance.
My life has always felt like a big question mark. I didn’t know where I fit in, I acted differently around all my friends throughout school, I didn’t have any passions or goals or dreams…it was more of “what career will make me enough money to support myself”. I was so stressed trying to figure out if I even wanted to go to college, heck I didn’t even know what my interests were.

I was lost, confused, and just all over the place. It felt better to drink, eat a ton of food or lay around and watch movies.  My life was passing me by and with each day, I was accumulating more stress.

Why did I never know how I felt??

In September of 2015 a radical shift happened in my life.. It took me until November to really recognize what was going on.  It was the first time CHANGE had smacked me in the face.  Everything about my life was changing, and it scared the hell out of me.

I’ve lived a very faithless life, and realized that I was trying to fill this void in myself..but didn’t even know what that was!

Through spending some serious time alone with myself, I realized what I was missing was self love, self admiration, & self care.  I didn’t love myself…I didn’t even know what it meant to love myself. I didn’t believe in God either, but really wanted to believe in some sort of higher power…

Transitioning from being a faithless soul, to one who believes in the magic of this Universe, is definitely not easy.  But it gets better every single day.

My website is really a site for me to keep all of my information organized….from my recipes, artwork, and journal entries.

I truly feel that you can learn and grow from my experiences.  I am merely someone who is dedicating and committing her life to finding true peace.  I am a student of life, learning as I go just like the rest of you.  I hope you find the peace within yourselves that I long for myself.  And I hope I can help inspire you along your journey!

For those of you who follow me on instagram, facebook, or my website, I thank you from the center of my being.  Knowing I inspire you in some sort of way brings me such joy.  I love knowing that through my own experiences I can help you grow within yourselves.

I invite you to be an active participant in your own life. Feel free to reach out to me about anything, and everything.
Satya (truthfulness)

10 thoughts on “About The Artist

  1. Hey Sarah; Tim again. I was looking to see if a blog, or maybe I should say, your blog, has any type of open forum? Or do the comments anyone makes to you remain private? You may need my email address from me if they are all private, right? Let me know if thats the case and I will send mine to you. Thats all. TTYL.
    PS; I was looking through your recipees just now.$:^) Bye.


  2. Oh by the way I left you a message this morning but I dont see it? I hope it didnt get lost somehow. Let me know if you recieved it OK.


  3. Yea, after looking through your site here, I think my first message to you didnt go through. I probably did domething wrong when attempting to send it I believe. I dont know? I will try and remeber my first message more or less and resend it, OK?


  4. WOW i don’t believe how much you change… this is me,a guy just comes westside sit alone eat and go.i love your web site


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