Support My Journey

We all want the same things; happiness,  love,  health, wealth, inspiration, contentment, acceptance, peace. To feel good.


I am COMMITTED to following my heart.  To healing myself FULLY.

On my radical  journey of self-love inwards, I will be collecting data to  help YOU cleanse your mind, body, and spirit.  To help you finally feel grounded, to help you finally find direction and purpose, to feel worthy and happy! To get you out of your HEAD, and into the MOMENT.

What does it mean to dive deep within ourselves? Why do I feel stagnant/stuck? What does it mean to love ourselves? What is it like to experience peace and quiet? What does being grounded mean, what’s that feel like? How do I know if I’m grounded or not? How do I know if I’m making the right decisions?  What is my ego? Why does everyone say it’s bad? Is it? How does the moon come into play when learning about myself? How come I never know how I feel? Why can’t I make up my mind? Why does it feel like I can never get what I want? Why am I always tired and restless? Why don’t I feel like me? What is bliss? Is enlightenment real?

If any of these questions resonate with you, or spark something in you, then I’m exactly what you’re looking for….If you feel a pull to this at all, then recognize you’re EXACTLY where you should be, right here in this moment.  You were brought here.
You’re ready for a change, you know there’s more to life than how things have been going, you want to find peace and happiness, you want to feel good! You want to live the life you love, and find out what that even means! You want to heal yourself, so take a moment to go look in the mirror and thank yourself for heading in the direction towards HEALING.

Between all of the work and energy I’m putting forth during this phase of my life, any bit of help is greatly appreciated.  Between keeping up with my artwork, managing all of my bills, cleansing myself as a whole and collecting tools and materials to help you become a better version of yourself, moving out and living healthy, it can get quite exhausting.

I am showing up as a participant in my life, and am working on healing myself so I can in turn do everything in my power to help heal you. To help you connect with your higher self, to help you feel more at ease and protected.

Working with me and following my journey will help inspire you to do the same for yourself. To learn who you are on a deep level.

I love all of you so much, and thank you from the center of my being for supporting me and believing in me.  For I am not only doing this for myself, but for the benefit of all.

I wish for everyone to find the peace within themselves, that I long for myself.  And on my journey to finding that within myself, I want to help be an example for YOU, to feel that happiness within yourselves, that I do throughout every day.  You are a miracle, you deserve pure bliss.  And it is achievable, God loves you.

Any of you beautiful souls who help contribute in any sort of way, will receive a gift in the mail from myself.  As a token of my appreciation.


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